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  • DC voltmeter indicators provide active feedback
  • Relay and component tester
  • Audible monitoring of electrical signals
  • Bad ground indicator
  • Short circuit indicator

Power Probe 3 combined with the Gold Series Lead Set makes this kit the ultimate in circuit testing diagnosis. The best sidekick to the PP3 is a kit with diff erent connectors, adapters, and extensions.
The PP3LS01 was designed to increase the usability for the Power Probe 3 while diagnosing electrical circuits.

• Power Probe 3 (Red Only)                • Instruction Manual/CD

• Alligator Clip Adapter                         • Large Piercing Probe
• Probe Tip Battery Clip Set                • Small Piercing Probe

• 20' (6 m) Extension                               • 2' (31 cm) Test lead
• 3' (1 m) Test Lead                                  • Large Piercing Probe

• 6' (2 m) Test Lead                                  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
• 4 mm Male/Male Adapter                  • 4 mm Female/Female Adapter

Power Probe 3 with the Gold Series Lead Set FREE Test Light with Haptic Feedback

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