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EVA Protective Case for GBX75 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

The lightweight, durable, and rugged GBC103 EVA Protective Case has a semi-rigid custom exterior with zipper closures and a reinforced handle. The rubberized EVA exterior offers protection from moisture, impact, dust, and other environmental factors, while the molded interior perfectly fits, stores, and protects its corresponding NOCO Boost X UltraSafe lithium jump starters— the GBX75 (sold separately).The GBC103 case has additional pockets for carrying related Boost accessories (sold separately). Store the protective case easily in your trunk, vehicle, console, or garage.

  • Protect your GBX75 jump starter with a lightweight, crush-resistant, anti-shock, and weather-resistant case.
  • Made from a rugged and durable EVA material with a soft melange velvet lining for a secure, scratch-free fit.
  • Secure enclosure with a durable, precision steel-rimmed zipper, a built-in reinforced handle, and custom over-molded pull tabs.
  • Portable carrying case design that's compact and lightweight and fits in most glove boxes or compartments.
  • Customized to fit the GBX75 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter, plus included accessories.

NOCO GBX75 EVA Protective Case GBC103

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