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Serious microorganism control requires an exceptional microbicide – MP8. Microbicide MP8 kills bacteria and fungi in a number of industrial applications which normally require different products. MP8 is quick, effective and economical.



Actually, MP8 is a synergistic combination of two highly effective microbicides that provides a broadspectrum of microbicidal activity, particularly where control of microbiological growth has been historically difficult. Synergism implies that the combination of two active ingredients enhances total product activity and is more effective than either ingredient alone. The active ingredients in MP8 combine to broaden the spectrum of efficacy and decrease the amount of time and active ingredient required to achieve an effective kill.



The combination of synergistic ingredients in MP8 not only broadens the spectrum of control but also increases the level of activity. MP8 is not only effective against bacteria that cause fouling and corrosion, but also fungi. Incidentally, if algae is present, it will be killed. MP8 is recommended and effective for use in both petroleum and water systems when used according to label instructions for specific applications.



Crude and Refined Fuel Oils: Use in olefinic, aromatic, paraffinic and naphthenic oils as an oil-soluble preservative during bulk storage. Use to eliminate or prevent growth of microorganisms in distillate and residual fuels including gasoline, #1 diesel, #2 diesel and Bunker C, where such fuels are used in bulk storage tanks, locomotives, boats and ships, farm equipment, construction equipment, and diesel generators.

Drilling Fluids: Use to stabilize several types of drilling fluids and muds used in drilling of wells where such fluids are subject to microbiological degradation.

Petroleum Secondary Recovery: Use to control slime-forming bacteria and other problem-causing microorganisms in floods, waterdisposed systems, and other oilfield water systems.

MP8 Microbicide

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