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Laser 3030 Octane Booster, Fuel Injector & Intake System Detergent, Ethanol Fuel Problem Fighter, Valve Seat Protection


Laser 3030 is a highly sophisticated octane booster technology combined with a detergent additive package and water dispersion additive that is highly effective for various types of gasoline fuel including ethanol blends. It is a versatile multifunctional additive that provides superior control of intake valve deposits (IVD), port fuel injection deposits (PFID) and combustion chamber deposit control. Laser 3030 is made for all-weather, year round use and provides superb corrosion protection.



Laser 3030, made especially for octane enrichment by formulating it with the maximum street legal concentration of MMT, may be the most effective gasoline octane improver known for gasoline. It delivers an increase of up to 10 octane points *6 in regular gasoline when used in at its recommended treatment ratio. It also contains a superior detergent package for control of IVD, PFID, and combustion chamber deposits that is certified under the Final Rule for Deposit Control of Gasoline Additives, approved by CARB. A very effective corrosion inhibitor is included. Also, the ratios of ingredients were carefully calculated to provide superior octane improvement, excellent deposit control protection and cleaning, corrosion protection and even dispersion of water with rapid splash blending.



Laser 3030 is specially formulated to enhance the performance of ethanol gasoline.

Increases Fuel Octane Level

Delivers Increased Power & Fuel Economy

Provides Valve Seat Recession (VSR) Protection

Cleans / Keeps Clean Port Fuel Injectors

Reduces Combustion Chamber Deposits

Significantly Reduce Tailpipe Emissions

Protects Catalysts and Oxygen Sensors from Degradation

Controls / Cleans Intake Valve Deposits

Reduces Knock, Ping & After-Running

Lowers Greenhouse Gases (GHG)

Protects Against Corrosion

Absorbs & Disperses Water

Detergent Approved by EPA and CARB

Removes Power Robbing Deposits



Laser 3030 may be used in both leaded and unleaded gasoline of any octane rating and in ethanol blends. It raises the Research Octane Number (RON) while maintaining the same level of Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP).  Use to: increase octane number; clean or keep clean intake valves, port fuel injectors, and combustion chambers; absorb and evenly disperse water in fuel tank where it can then be eliminated through normal fuel system process; give corrosion protection; provide VSR protection; protect vehicle emission systems; smooth operation of engine; decrease GHG.


Consumer Usage: Highly recommended for use in gasoline engines to boost octane, clean engine and disperse water – fights ethanol problems.


Off-road Usage: Recommended for use in industrial racing gasoline engines to boost octane level. 

Laser 3030 Octane Booster, Fuel Injector & Intake System Detergent

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