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AC400Di Video


The model AC400Di dual is featuring 95% recovery efficiency for standard and hybrid vehicles and fully automatic function or manual mode. It has built-in 1234yf refrigerant identifier to prevent contamination. 

The AC400Di dual machine recover, recycle, evacuate and recharge both R-134a and HFO 1234yf. It has automatic refrigerant refill and oil drain/inject – putting A/C lubricant back into the system. AC400D also built-in capacity database for all passenger vehicles. One machine will handle two refrigerants.


Main functions

  1. Recovering/Recycling
  2. Discharging used oil
  3. Vacuum
  4. Refilling new oil
  5. Recharging
  6. Full Automatic mode
  7. Vacuum leak test (optional)


Auxiliary functions

  1. Vacuum system piping
  2. Multiple alarms
  3. Maintenance procedures
  4. Part inspections
  5. Calibration of load cell
  6. Parameters setting
  7. Gas cylinder heating
  8. Incompressible gases discharging



  • Automatic recovery/recycling/recharge, walk away and return when complete
  • Automatic discharging used oil/oil drain.
  • Automatic vacuum helps get to the necessary vacuum level in any condition quickly
  • Automatic new oil injection shows how much oil was removed from the system during service
  • Automatic internal tank refill. No stopping to fill the internal tank during service
  • Automatic air purge removes the potential of air accumulating in the internal tank
  • Automatic identify 1234yf refrigerant 
  • Comprehensive A/C capacity database
  • Support Auto Mode: One step to do automatic recovery, recycling, vacuum and recharge
  • Tank filling with manual or pre-set value options
  • Onboard electronic scales
  • Built in thermal printer
  • Vacuum leak test to identify gross leaks in a system



  • Built-in 1234yf identifier
  • Input power:AC110V 60Hz.
  • Oil-free compressor:3/8 HP.
  • Vacuum pump capacity:16Gal/min.
  • Recovery rate:99% to medium vacuum.
  • Vapor state refrigerant recovery speed:0.55Lbs/Min.
  • Gas cylinder volume:22LBS
  • Drying filter:20oz
  • Load cell accuracy(oil bottle):+_5g
  • Load cell accuracy(gas cylinder):+_10g
  • New and old oil bottle capacity:8.9/13.5oz Max working pressure 290PSI
  • Color screen:4.3inch 480RGB*272Dots.
  • Dimension:Packaging in crate 710*660*1190mm (28”x26”x47”)
  • Dimension:  Unpacked machine 610*595*1075mm (24”x23”x46”)
  • Shipping Weight: Gross in crate 269LBS
  • One year warranty, two years part and three years compressor

AC400Di Dual R134A and R1234yf Fully Automatic with identifier

SKU: AC400Di
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