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752 Syn-O-Gen Premium Manual Transmission Lubricant is a 100% PAO pure synthetic product for heavy duty manual transmissions.



Formulated from a synthetic basestock having a high viscosity index and low pour point, 752 Syn-O-Gen also has exceptional oxidation and thermal stability. This is true not only of the base stock, but of the specially formulated additive package. A carefully balanced blend of high performance additives provides excellent anti-wear protection not found in mineral oil lubricants, as well as the highest quality rust oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.



• Excellent Wear Performance

• No Foaming

• Copper Corrosion Resistance

• Superb Seal Compatibility

• Excellent Low Temperature Performance

• Helps Resist Rust

• Excellent Oxidative Stability

• Superb Frictional Properties


752 Syn-O-Gen is the ultimate high performance product for heavy duty manual transmissions. It is specially designed for extended drain and severe service. It provides superior all-climate year-round performance with the highest degree of component protection.  


752 Syn-O-Gen protects bearings and synchronizers and promotes longer transmission and lubricant life. In addition, the high viscosity index, low pour point and sub-zero fluid flow provide for easier cold weather shifting, less drag and less gear wear because vital parts are lubricated quickly. Since it is highly stable when exposed to severe heat, oxidation and shear conditions, it provides exceptional high temperature lubrication for extended drain intervals. The superior all-season lubricating properties mean less friction and drag in the transmission resulting in improved fuel economy. These benefits translate directly into reduced maintenance and replacement parts cost and less downtime.

752 Syn-O-Gen Premium Manual Transmission Lubricant

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