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548 Armor Plate with Moly-D Chain and Cable Lubricant is a rich green lubricant compounded from the highest quality base oils, additives, inhibitors and other components.  This versatile moly chain lubricant has a strong affinity to metals.  This assures the ultimate lubrication of chains, sprockets, cables and wire ropes.



548 Armor Plate with Moly-D is composed of highly refined lubricating oils, with high viscosity index, high flash point, and high film strength.  

Moly-D plates internal and external parts of chains, cables, sheaves and sprockets.  Moly-D prevents metal-to-metal contact; thus, friction, heat, stress and wear are reduced.  Moly-D will protect chains and cables during extreme high temperatures, overloads, shock loads, high speed, stress, strain, and will afford maximum lubrication during extreme cold temperatures.  Moly-D reduces metal erosion and rapid wear.  It increases the life of chains, sprockets and cables.

Cohesive and Adhesive Additives keep oil stable under shock loads, retard dripping ad splattering, and make oil cling tightly to chains, rollers, pins, links and cables at all times.

Rust Inhibitors protect the metal parts of chains and cables from rust while in operation and when equipment is inactive.  They form an effective barrier against water and moisture.  

Oxidation Inhibitors retard the oxidation process or chemical changes in the lubricant.

Corrosion Inhibitors protect chains, cables and sprockets from corrosive attack by moisture, acids and chemicals.

Stabilizing Agents assure stability of the lubricant in the chains and cables.  It will not thin-out or throw-out under the most severe conditions.

Extreme Pressure Additives protect chains from overloads and shock loads.

Anti-Wear Additives guard against wear resulting from metal-to-metal contact.



Through scientific compounding and after many years of field applications, 548 Armor Plate with Moly-D has proven its ability to penetrate chains for complete lubrication.  This superior lubricant will penetrate the rollers, pins, links, bushings, pin links and will leave a film of oil, Moly-D, and other additives.  Thus, the chains receive maximum lubrication, and friction, wear, stress and corrosion are reduced.

548 Armor Plate with Moly-D is highly recommended for wire ropes and cables.  The lubricant should be applied to the cable directly from the container.  548 Armor Plate with Moly-D does not require heating as do many cable lubricants.  Heating cable lubricants is a very dangerous practice.  When 548 Armor Plate with Moly-D is applied to wire ropes and cables, it will penetrate to the core.  The oil and its additives will plate the strands, wires and core.  Due to the penetration of the lubricant, internal and external strands are protected from corrosion, rust, friction, stress, strain, shock load and abuse.  By using 548 Armor Plate with Moly-D regularly, the life of cables and sheaves is  extended.

 548 Armor Plate Chain and Cable Lubricant Provides:

Increased Chain, Cable & Sprocket Life

Protection During Overloads

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Reduced Chain Wear

Fewer Replacements

Reduced Breakage

Less Downtime

Reduced Wear

Lower Power Consumption

Reduced Chain Noise

Protection Against Shock Loads

Reduced Sprocket Wear

Reduced Gauling

Reduced Chain Whip

Protection Against Seizing

Reduced Chain Vibration





Wire Rope


Hi-Speed Chains

Roller Chains

Hoist Chains

Drive Chains

Drag Chains

Leaf Chains

Quadruple Chains

Double Roller Chains

Triple Roller Chains

Conveyor Chains

548 Armor Plate with Moly-D Chain and Cable Lubricant

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