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Protect-O-Lube® was developed for the U.S. Defense (War) Department in the early 1940’s. Protect-O-Lube® is a multifunction product with a multitude of applications. Protect-O-Lube® cleans as well as lubricates. It is compatible with crankcase oil, hydraulic, compressor and turbine/circulating oils. It is recommended for use in diesel fuel* and gasoline. Organic acids are neutralized and oxidation is stabilized.



Protect-O-Lube® is blended from carefully selected prime “heart-cut” neutrals, conditioners, acid neutralizers, moisture absorbing agents, friction release compounds and pure mineral base top oils. It also contains a unique blend of:

Rust Inhibitors

Foam Inhibitors

Oxidation Inhibitors

Dispersant Additives

Oiliness Additives

Cleaning Additives

Corrosion Inhibitors

Oxygenated Solvents



Neutralizes Acidic Combustion By Products

Increases RPMs

Improves Combustion and Economy

Reduces Friction Drag

Neutralizes All Harmful Engine Acids

Eliminates Piston Ring Sticking and Scoring

Eliminates Sticking Valves

Cleans and Lubricates Fuel Injectors and Carburetors

Eliminates Carbon, Varnish and Sludge



Protect-O-Lube® is recommended for use in concentrations of 1% by volume in gasoline of all grades including ethanol blended gasoline and kerosene fuels, to neutralize the corrosive effects of engine acids created during combustion from sulfur contained in the fuel. It also absorbs moisture, prevents icing, removes carbon, gum, sludge and varnish deposits, improves combustion, cleans injectors and carburetors, lubricates top rings, frees sluggish valves and improves ring flexing.


Protect-O-Lube® is a superior flushing agent for use in crankcases, compressors, hydraulic and turbine/ circulating systems and automatic transmissions.


Protect-O-Lube® can also be used to free frozen bolts and nuts, or applied as a superior rust preventative on boats, ships, off-road machinery, farm implements, fertilizer storage and application equipment and many other similar uses.


Protect-O-Lube® is an extraordinary firearm lubricant, ideal for all styles and mechanisms.

400 Protect-O-Lube®

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