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357 #2 Armor Plate with Moly-D    MAGNUM Multipurpose Grease


357 Armor Plate with Moly-D Magnum is a rich green moly grease which provides excellent stability and unsurpassed performance under a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions.  Armor Plate grease is entirely unique due to the fact that the moly in it is a compound which provides superior performance to other greases containing the black solid form of moly, molybdenum disulfide.



Armor Plate Magnum is a non-soap base grease made with a heat resistant organo-clay thickener and a new moly compound which has proven superiority over the more common form of moly which is used in most other moly greases.  It also contains EP, rust and corrosion inhibitors and anti-oxidant additives.



Versatile Multipurpose Grease for all Applications

Moly-D Outperforms Molysulfide in side-by-side Test Results

Exhibits Superior Anti-friction & Anti-oxidant Properties

Excellent Thermal Stability

In-field Service Show Increased Load Carrying & Less Wear

Extreme Pressure Grease

Non-active Sulfur will not Corrode Yellow Metals

Non-melt Grease for Very High Temperature Operation

Engineered to Resist Rust, Oxidation, and Corrosion

Keeps Operating Temperatures Down  

Exceptional Water Resistance for Water Washout & Spray-off

Very Tacky for Excellent Adhesion to Parts to be Lubricated

Superior Shear Stability Properties Compared to other Greases

Excellent Resistance to Bleeding

Armor Plate Magnum is available as a multipurpose No. 1 and No. 2 NLGI grade.  It retains excellent pumpability at sub-freezing temperatures.   Where other NLGI grades are required, other Armor Plate with Moly-D Greases are available.


USES: Especially recommended for heavy duty multipurpose applications which include but are not limited to:

Ball Joints

King Pins

Ball and Roller Bearings

Sleeve Bearings

Pillow Blocks

Fifth Wheels

Oven Conveyors

Sugar Cane Cutters

Sliding Surfaces


Drag Lines

Wheel Bearings

357 #2 Armor Plate with Moly-D MAGNUM Multipurpose Grease

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