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Primrose offers a synthetic blend hydraulic/transmission fluid to meet the requirements of the widest range of power equipment. Odyssey THF provides performance for gears, pumps, differentials, final drives, bearings, wet brakes, and power takeoff (PTO) clutches. It also provides performance in power-driven offhighway equipment, construction machinery and industrial equipment.


Odyssey THF contains extreme pressure protection for maximum gear life and special friction modifiers for wet brakes and PTO clutches. It is also formulated to give superior water tolerance filterability. Its exceptionally high viscosity index synthetic blend gives it the widest range of operating temperatures.  Special seal conditioners maintain seals to minimize leakage.


Also included for peak efficiency are:

Adhesive/Cohesive Additive

Foam Suppressant

Anti-Wear Additive

Oxidation Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor

Pour Point Depressant

Detergent/Dispersant Additive



Odyssey THF provides performance for wear, chatter, brake capacity, PTO performance and filterability.  


Agricultural Performance: Odyssey THF provides gear wear protection performance.  


Industrial Hydraulic Pump Performance: Odyssey THF can also be used in industrial and mobile as well as agricultural equipment hydraulic systems.  This remarkable product works exceptionally well in all temperatures for better startups and hydraulic response. It shows excellent anti-corrosion characteristics even in the presence of water and guards against hardening and shrinking or overswelling of seals. Exceptional anti-wear characteristics result in extended pump life and allow consistent hydraulic performance.



Odyssey THF can be utilized in equipment (agricultural, construction, industrial or mobile) requiring a hydraulic/transmission fluid.

253 Odyssey Tractor Hydraulic-Transmission Fluid

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