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Primrose 234 Odyssey 3400 Synthetic Blend Moly Motor Oil API CK-4/SN SAE 10W-30*/15W-40


Odyssey 3400 is a high performance, heavy duty synthetic blend moly motor oil.  Odyssey 3400 gives multigrade performance for all seasons and all temperatures.  It meets and exceeds the highest API performance category for heavy duty diesel engines and meets and exceeds API performance categories for gasoline engines.  Odyssey 3400 meets and exceeds most engine manufacturers’ specifications and is highly formulated for superior performance.



Odyssey 3400 begins with it’s special synthetic base stock blend which consists of pure synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks and polymers blended with ultra-pure  iso-dewaxed and severely hydrocracked base stocks which are refined to an exceptionally high viscosity index.  Odyssey 3400 is fully compatible with most other synthetic and conventional mineral oil based motor oils.



• Highly Shear Stable Index (SSI) – Viscosity Index Improver

• Superior Additive Package                 • Exceptional Deposit Control

• Excellent Thermal Stability                 • Can Increase Fuel Economy

• Can Lower Operating Temperature when Compared to Other Engine Oils

• Formula Helps to Prevent Pre-mature Oil Breakdown

• Wear is Essentially Eliminated Due to Use of our Moly-D

• Dramatically Reduced Oil Consumption


Meets and exceeds the following performance categories and specifications at applicable viscosity grade (suitable for use):

API CK4/SN ACEA E7-16, E9-16

Cat ECF-3, ECF-2, ECF-1a DDC 93K222

Cummins CES 20086 Deutz DQC III-10-LA


Mack EOS 4.5 MAN 3775

MB 228.31 MIL-PRF-21041-1

MTU Cat Type 2.1 Navistar

Renault RLD-4 Volvo VDS-4.5  

Ford WSS-M2C171-F1

234 Odyssey 3400 Synthetic Blend Moly Motor Oil API CK-4/SN SAE 10W-30*/15W-40

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