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Odyssey® 2000 Synthetic Blend Moly Motor Oil API  CI-4 Plus/SL  SAE 15W-40

Odyssey 2000 is a high performance, heavy duty synthetic blend moly motor oil.  Odyssey 2000 gives multigrade performance for all seasons and all temperatures.  It meets and exceeds CI-4 Plus/SL API performance category for both heavy duty diesel as well as gasoline engines.  Odyssey 2000 is a high TBN oil which meets and exceeds most engine manufacturers specifications and is highly formulated for superior performance with extended drain intervals.



Odyssey 2000 begins with its special synthetic base stock blend which consists of pure synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks and polymers blended with ultra-pure  iso-dewaxed and severely hydrocracked base stocks which are refined to an exceptionally high viscosity index.  Odyssey 2000 is fully compatible with all other synthetic and conventional mineral oil based motor oils.  


Odyssey 2000 is formulated as an extended drain motor oil with its superior additive package.  Extensive performance testing has proven exceptional deposit control, thermal stability and elimination of most wear, making much longer drain intervals possible.  Highly efficient detergent alkalinity provides longer TBN retention while super engine cleanliness spells a dramatic reduction in total maintenance.  The superior oxidation and thermal stability of Odyssey 2000, with its highly shear stable viscosity index improvers, prevents oil breakdown, making much longer drain intervals possible. Dramatically reduced oil consumption and increased fuel economy can also be attributed to the use of this high performance product.  Wear is essentially eliminated with the addition of our exclusive oil soluble friction modifier, Moly-D.



Meets and exceeds the following performance categories and specifications:


Allison Transmission C-4 ACEA E5

CAT ECF-1/TO-2 Transmission CES

Cummins    DC 228.3

Detroit Diesel 93K2124 Scania

Mack EO-N Premium Plus Volvo

219 Odyssey® 2000 Synthetic Blend Moly Motor Oil API CI-4 Plus/SL SAE15W40

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