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ThermalAdvantageisaspecializedadditivedesignedtohelpachievemaximumefficiencyoffueloil heating, reducing furnace maintenance and controlling emissions while improving the flow and pumping deficiencies associated with winter temperatures. Thermal Advantage is for use by both residential and commercial heating oil fired furnaces.



Although designed with winter in mind, Thermal Advantage is a complete fuel oil additive and can be used full time by industrial users of fuel oil for energy production. It can also be utilized in used oil and waste oil.

In addition to IceCheckTM, our exclusive anti-icing component, Thermal Advantage contains:




Flow Improvers

Anti-Gel Additives


Rust Inhibitors


Metal Deactivators

Emulsifying Agents

Deposit Control Agents

Soot Control Agents



Thermal Advantage will lower the pour point of an untreated fuel oil and eliminate icing due to moisture in the fuel. Thermal Advantage has a fluidizing effect on fuel oil. Thermal Advantage will help even where problems exist at both the storage tank and at the fire side. Both organic and inorganic deposits are made more friable.


A protective film is left behind on the internal surfaces of tanks and pipes, reducing deposits and corrosion buildup.


Sludge is dispersed, burner nozzles and heat transfer surfaces are kept clean for greater  heat utilization. Vanadium oxides and sodium salts are neutralized. Treated fuel burns cleaner, emissions are reduced and fuel economy is maximized while burner maintenance is minimized.



Oxidation is the number one enemy of refined hydrocarbon products. The oxidative process yields organic acids that produce a thickening or viscosity increase. Severe oxidation will have a polymerizing effect giving rise to gums and lacquers that destroy the usefulness of the fuel oil. Leaving in a home tank over the summer can spell trouble. The use of Thermal Advantage will give the customer peace of mind due to the powerful anti-oxidants in the product. Storage life of the fuel oil is greatly extended.


Thermal Advantage is designed to splash blend, but in order to perform as described (specifically lowering the pour point), it must be added prior to the fuel reaching its cloud point. Thermal Advantage has been tested and formulated to accomplish its objective even in the harsh winter conditions of New England and the Great Lakes Region.


Additionally, Thermal Advantage No.2035 will greatly improve the cold temperature handling characteristics of bio diesel and bio diesel blends. The sulfur content of this diesel fuel additive does not exceed 15 ppm. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehiclesandnonroadengines.

2035 Thermal Advantage Fuel Oil Supplement

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